Terminal Man Jets into Sky Harbor (PHX Perspective)

Several weeks ago, JetBlue Airways offered an “All You Can Jet” (AYCJ) pass to fly anywhere the airline flies within a month period. And Brendan Ross, aka “Terminal Man,” is taking advantage of this promotion compliments, of the Web site Wired. He’s been blogging about his journey since day one.

But there is a catch – Terminal Man cannot leave any of the airports he flies into, which means that when he arrived at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on Sunday, Oct. 4, he had 11 hours to kill before catching his flight to New York’s JFK Airport. But America’s Friendliest Airport® had lots to offer Terminal Man. He took advantage of the Airport’s free WiFi, enjoyed the various art exhibits, spoke with the volunteer Navigators and watched the planes take off and land.

Terminal Man, who was greeted by friendly Airport employees, was provided several gift baskets by various shops including a passenger care kit featuring soaps, toothbrush, etc. Casa Unlimited put together a gift bag from their Curious Creatures store including Cerretta’s candy, Arizona water, a book on Arizona legends and myths and a T-shirt with a vintage graphic of Sky Harbor. Casa Unlimited also joined with HMS Host to provide some traditional Arizona cactus gifts and a magazine from News Travels’ Fast. The Paradies Shops prepared a beautiful gift basket full of sweet treats, hand sanitizer, an eye shade and travel pillow.

El Bravo restaurant in Terminal 4 treated Terminal Man to lunch so that he could have a true taste of Arizona. He then took advantage of the Airport’s showers, saying, “Phoenix is so cool to have showers!”

To read more about Terminal Man’s journey, watch for his upcoming post about Phoenix at www.wired.com.

(Article and photo credit: “Terminal Man Jets into Sky Harbor” – skyharbor.com)