CASA Unlimited Enterprises flying high with many airport stores – (Phoenix Business Journal)

Phoenix-Business-JournalCASA Fenix Enterprises flying high with many airport stores
Jul 3, 2005

Jan Buchholz, Contributing Writer
Phoenix Business Journal

Yolanda Collazos Kizer didn’t have to look far for a successful business role model. “My mom told me, ‘It’s better to be the head of a mouse than the tail of a lion,'” she says. Collazos Kizer’s mother lived that advice. A native of Mexico, she kept the books for a Spanish film company. But when sexual harassment made the job more than she could bear, she quit and opened her own dry-cleaning business in downtown Los Angeles. “It wasn’t easy,” says Collazos Kizer, referring to her mother. “She had to learn chemical terminology and take the exam to get a license.”
Like mother, like daughter. The entrepreneurial spirit was infectious.